The Real Minuet Breeders

A website dedicated to preventing Minuet (Napoleon) lovers from being scammed by fraudulent websites claiming to be real Minuet (Napoleon) catteries.

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Blueskies Catrice Purrgeron of Tiny Lions (Katy)

6/21/2017 - 5/25/2020

This website is dedicated to Katy, a special needs cat that passed away far too soon in life.  You can read more about her life at her own web page.

This website was designed to prevent illegitimate, fraudulent websites that claim to sell Minuet (Napoleon) kittens from stealing thousands of dollars from unsuspecting lovers of Minuets (Napoleons). Also included on this website is kitty mills and illegal backyard breeder information. Learn how to protect yourself from scammers and locate legitimate breeders of Minuet (Napoleon) kittens to get yours.